Mycology Department

Mycology Department

The aim of the Szeged Fungus Association, declared by its statute, is to promote nature conservation, particularly the protection of macrofungi; therefore, the association attains public lectures to establish and maintain social foundations of macrofungi conservation.

The Mycology Department public lecture series, hosted by the Szeged Fungus Association, presents macrofungi-related lectures like studies, reviews, and interesting facts for the community interested in macrofungi. The lectures are free, and no registration is required.

The lectures are scheduled for the second Wednesday of every month at 6 pm, on our YouTube channel. In the interactive part, the lecturer answers the questions raised by the audience.  The foreign language presentations are subtitled. The streamed programs are being recorded, subtitled, translated (based on our capacity), and made available on our channel.

Lectures that have been presented so far in the Mycology Department

Hallucinogenic fungi in the Carpathian Basin - Ferenc Pál-Fám PhD

Fungi in the world of eusocial insects - István Maák PhD

Evolution history of the mushroom-forming fungi - Torda Varga PhD

Ganoderma - The true story of the mushroom of immortality - Viktor Papp PhD

Remembering László Szemere - György Jaskó

Culinary and healing mushrooms in the gastronomy - Attila Fődi

Szegedi Fungus Association 2021 autumn

Remembering Mihály Hajdú

Ten years in fungi drug research - Attila Ványolós PhD

Chemistry of mushroom fragrances - Gábor Jancsó DSc

Recent changes in the prevalence of domestic truffles - István Bagi

Convergent evolution in mushroom-forming - Zsolt Merényi PhD

Working with the Largest Organisms on Earth - Neha Sahu 

Medicinal mushroom supplements-how to navigate through market chaos - Jovana Vunduk PhD

Uncover the secret behind mushroom development: We are on the way - Xiao-Bin Liu PhD

Cultivating the King of Mushrooms - Pannon Truffle - Sára Brandt PhD

Introducing the Mycological Society of Novi Sad - Eleonora Čapelja PhD

Plant-microbe symbioses: the half-billion-year-old friendship - István Parádi PhD

Macrofungi in conservation - Judit Cservenka PhD, Ferenc Pál-Fám PhD

Szeged Microbiological Collection: a domestic microbial gene-bank  - Tamás Papp PhD

The systematics of Amanitaceae and its species diversity in China - Yang-Yang Cui PhD

Molecular identification of macrofungi in Hungary - results from the last 5 years - Bálint Dima PhD

Fungi from Zemplén - for everyone - Mária Géczyné Nagy , Edit Molnár 

What has Buller discovered in mycology? - Gábor Jancsó DSc

Complex multicellularity in mushrooms - but how complex? - Máté Virágh PhD

The Fungi of the Vértes 2 - Attila Koszka

Cap development regulation - Hongli Wu PhD

Fungi and beetles - Gábor Csehó

Hybernated fungi under -196 ℃  - Csaba Locsmándi PhD

Incredible stories - Attila Sándor

Last Chance to Know? - Anne Pringle PhD

Glowing fungi - Gábor Jancsó DSc

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